Anita Nderu And Dj Joe Mfalme Deny Dating Rumour

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Anita Nderu and why she fell in love with her boyfriend

Team mafisi has always been on the prowl when it comes to Anita Nderu. She has been dating a guy by the name Sun Man for the longest time and he is a DJ. The beauty who just turned 27 years finally revealed through her social media account who she is dating. And it seems the two are very close and have probably been dating for some time now. I’d always wanted to go to a shooting range before.

Anita Nderu is a TV & Radio presenter. She is a style and fashion enthusiast who also loves to travel, explore the culinary world, experiment with cocktails, adopt.

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Anita Nderu’s sweet message to her boyfriend of 8 years

Anita says it took her time to send the resignation letter. The year-old media girl said she is leaving Capital in good terms. Early this year, the media personality revealed on Instagram that she battled depression.

Capital FM radio host Anita Nderu recently has been opening up about her life, especially, after turning 29 years old. She recently spoke about.

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Bubbly media personality Anita Nderu is trying to make a comeback on track after suffering depression. The year-old lass, recently revealed that she battled depression and it was the lowest moments in her life. Responding to the fan, she talked about 10 things she regrets in life. Below is the list of things she shared.

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Anita Nderu, a Kenyan media personality and a former radio presenter at Capital FM took to her Instagram page on Thursday morning to wish her lover a happy birthday. Anita kept her relationship off the social media with many believing she broke up with her lover but she later disclosed of fighting depression. Anita and her bae named Sun Man according to his Instagram account, have been serving the world with couple goals without fear and Thursday marked the day when Sunny was turning 29 years old.

Anita penned a long message revealing some of the awesome details about her lover. This was great proof to critics who thought there was no peace in Anita’s paradise. The two are happy and doing well. Have the happiest of the birthdays. Have an amazing day today and eh start training for our Karura date over the weekend,” read the other part of Anita’s message. It is evident that Sun Man brings a lot of happiness in Anita’s life. We only wait for the wedding soon but time will tell.

‘I would undated two guys I dated’ Anita Nderu lists her regrets

That is a hell of a doosie! You need to understand that the equivalent is for a company to fire you then keep calling you to complain about your immediate replacement. How about that? Now can you see why Anita Nderu is just the one?

Anita took to Instagram to declare her love for the popular DJ whom they have been dating for the past 8 years. For a long time Anita Nderu had.

Oliech was previously dating a complete package when it comes to the industry. I recently addressed this issue in a WhatsApp group, the person supposed to be impartial was so rude, I cried even more. My ordinary days, worded in extraordinary ways. To clear the air and set the record straight, Anita explained in the Anita Nderu blog that her baby bump is nothing but a paunch and that she hates contraceptives.

Is often done on kenyan music, travel and the beautiful capital fm presenter anita nderu declines sponsor rumors. In a long post that has inspired some of her fans and saw others sending in messages of love, Anita revealed that she went through depression for five months, last year. Our job at the bank was drinking hot chocolate. Different studies offer varying assessments of continually updated traffic statistics. Anita Nderu has confessed that she is a hopeless romantic just like most women are.

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6 Adorable Photos Of Anita Nderu and Her Boyfriend

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Anita Nderu biography, boyfriend, parents and age

Often, women fall in love and give their all in a relationship and Anita Nderu has just told us she is like most girls and is not ashamed to express her love. Diamond Platnumz ex Wema Sepetu and Tunda party with his brother. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Find out more or adjust your settings. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

13 crazy minutes with Anita Nderu on the Morning Dew with Mike and Vanessa!.

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Joe is one of the station’s main disc jockeys while Anita former host of NTV’s Teen Republik magazine show is a news reader. The two left tongues wagging when they showed up riding in the same car last weekend at around 10pm and walked side-by-side at an event held in Westland’s Changes Bar. However, the two have dismissed the rumours as baseless.

Joe said: “Some people in this city are so idle. They will look for just anything to start unfounded rumours about just anybody.

Anita Nderu has confessed that she is a hopeless romantic just like most Anita is currently dating DJ Sun Man and these two tend to spread.

The Kenyan media personality who serves in various capacities as an emcee, a former TV presenter and news anchor and a radio presenter at Capital FM has for some time now been making waves in Kenya and across East Africa. This celebrity goes by the name Anita Nderu. Digging more into her background, it comes out that Anita Nderu age is 27 years old having been born in February somewhere in Eldoret. If there is something that stands out in Anita Nderu biography then it is her elegance, class, zing and glamour.

Needless to say, Capital FM’s Anita Nderu is among the hottest Kenyan ladies in showbiz and you could confidently put your money on her. She actually dresses better and flaunts her goodies more than any college girlfriend of yours.

When I Lost My Virginity – Anita Nderu